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“We all want a cleaner, safer and healthier state to pass on to our kids and grandkids, and a bounty of wildlife to harvest for generations to come.” – Gov. Jay Nixon

Missouri is blessed with some of the nation’s most bountiful and beautiful wildlife and natural resources, and Governor Nixon is committed to strengthening Missouri’s role as a national leader in preserving them.   As Governor, Jay Nixon has focused on:

  • Supporting Missouri hunters & anglers;
  • Encouraging the next generation of outdoorsmen and women;
  • Strengthening Missouri’s State Parks and natural areas;
  • Protecting sportsmen’s Second Amendment rights.

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A lifelong trout fisherman and hunter, Governor Nixon has been a champion for Missouri’s hunters and anglers, who carry on our time-honored traditions and contribute billions to our economy.   He has expanded Share the Harvest, a public-private partnership that allows hunters to donate their deer meat to Missouri families in need.  Additional resources made available by Governor Nixon helped 6,191 hunters donate 317,882 pounds of venison during the 2011 deer seasons, and the Governor himself has contributed deer meat he harvested to the program for three years in a row.

To support and encourage the next generation of outdoorsmen and women, the Governor has proudly hosted the Governor’s Invitational Youth Turkey Hunt each year and launched programs like the Children in Nature Challenge.
His administration has also made it possible for most Missourians to buy and print hunting and fishing permits from home, using the Missouri Department of Conservation’s new online e-Permits system.

Missouri’s State Parks are recognized as some of the nation’s best, and Governor Nixon has been a prominent and tireless advocate for them.  With commonsense and fiscally responsible initiatives like the nationally-recognized State Parks Youth Corps, Governor Nixon has strengthened our parks and helped them attract even more visitors.  More than 17.8 million guests visited Missouri’s State Parks in 2011, a 9.1 percent increase from 2010 and the third consecutive increase on Governor Nixon’s watch – reversing a 10-year decline.

Finally, honoring Missouri’s traditions also means protecting the Second Amendment rights of sportsmen and women.  Governor Nixon will continue to defend the rights of responsible gun owners, who pass on these traditions to their children, just as his father passed them along to him.