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A Strong Commitment to Missouri Public Schools

For Gov. Jay Nixon, public education is a value – and he believes that all Missouri children deserve a quality education that prepares them for college, the workforce or a career in the military.  A proud product of Missouri public schools, the Governor has deep roots in the public school system.  His mother was a teacher and President of their local school board and the First Lady, Georganne, taught in Jefferson City public schools.

That’s why, even during the national recession when most other states slashed funding for public education, Gov. Nixon ensured that funding for Missouri’s K-12 classrooms remained stable.  And he did so while balancing the budget and holding the line on taxes.  In fact, the Governor signed a budget that provided record funding for elementary and secondary classrooms during Fiscal Year 2013.

Gov. Nixon has also expanded Missouri’s A+ Schools program, giving thousands of additional high school students the opportunity to earn A+ Scholarships and attend two-years of community college tuition-free.

Finally, Gov. Jay Nixon is committed to defeating dangerous voucher schemes that would undermine our public schools and hurt our children.

As a result, high school graduation rates and test scores are up, and more high school students are scoring well on AP exams.

There is still much work to be done, but Gov. Nixon’s commitment to investing in our schools and supporting good teachers is putting Missouri on a path to achieving his ambitious goal of making Missouri’s education system one of the top ten in the nation by 2020.

What Others Are Saying

“Gov. Nixon has made a strong public education system one of his chief priorities. The governor has maintained funding for Missouri’s public elementary and secondary schools in a time of economic decline and shrinking state revenues.” – MNEA Endorsement, Winter 2011

“Gov. Jay Nixon’s state of the state address shows that in Missouri he is willing to put his money where his mouth is when it comes to higher education, unlike governors of many other states. Our colleges face tremendous challenges balancing budgets for the upcoming fiscal year. But the governor’s commitment to minimizing cuts will reduce the damage done during these lean budget years.” – Zora Mulligan, Missouri Community College Association, 1/28/11

“Nixon’s most impressive accomplishment is his budget treatment of education. Leaders in both lower and higher education are relieved elements of their budgets are being sustained or cut less than feared.” – Henry J. Waters III, Columbia Daily Tribune, 1/24/11

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