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Making College More Affordable

Gov. Nixon believes that in this global economy, a college education is more important than ever – and that any Missouri student who works hard and wants to attend college should have that opportunity. That’s why the Governor has successfully fought to make college more affordable for thousands of Missouri families.

While tuition skyrocketed in many other states, Gov. Nixon took an unprecedented step to make colleges more affordable by working with the higher education community to freeze tuition at Missouri’s colleges and universities for two consecutive years during the economic downturn.

Other key components of Gov. Nixon’s strategy to expand higher educational opportunities for Missourians include:

  • Dramatically expanding the A+ Schools program, giving thousands more students two years of free tuition at Missouri’s community colleges and the opportunity to enter the workforce debt-free.
  • Expanding access to programs like the Innovation Campus at the University of Central Missouri, which will train students for high-demand fields, cut the time it takes to earn a college degree, and reduce student debt.
  • Supporting initiatives like Caring for Missourians and MoHealthWINS to ensure our colleges and universities have the tools to train students and workers for 21st Century careers.
  • Supporting scholarship programs like Access Missouri and Bright Flight, while expanding college savings opportunities with legislation to extend and reduce barriers to the Missouri higher Education Savings Program (MOST).
  • Creating incentives for high school students who excel in advanced math and science courses.

Gov. Nixon’s commitment to making college more affordable has earned him praise from families and the higher education community.

Former Missouri State University President James E. Cofer Sr. said: “I have been struck by how committed Governor Nixon is to education, and higher education in-particular. He understands that the state’s future depends in great part on the strength of our education system.”

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