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Over the last four years we’ve balanced the budget, held the line on taxes, and brought Republicans and Democrats together to create jobs and move this great state forward. By focusing on the right priorities, we’ve made a real difference for Missouri families, but the job is not yet done. Please sign up today to be a part of the team and get the latest information about the campaign.

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Helping Missouri Farmers Thrive

“Gov. Jay Nixon understands our way of life and when Washington DC tries to over-regulate us, he consistently stands up for what’s right for us here in Missouri.” – Dale Ludwig, Missouri Soybean Association

“We’ve never thrown our support behind a governor, but Gov. Nixon has gone the extra mile to support Missouri’s farm families.” — Billy Thiel, Missouri Corn Growers Association

Agriculture has always been the backbone of Missouri’s economy and vital to our way of life.  That’s why Gov. Nixon has stood up for Missouri farmers and ranchers by opposing burdensome regulations, expanding international markets for Missouri-made products, and holding the line on taxes.

When bureaucrats in Washington, DC proposed to regulate everyday chores on family farms, Gov. Nixon spoke out loud and clear, joining the Missouri Farm Bureau to urge the U.S. Department of Labor to withdraw these ill-advised rules – and they did.

Missouri’s world-class agricultural products are in high demand around the globe – and expanding export opportunities for these products has been a cornerstone of Gov. Nixon’s agenda from Day One.  In 2011, Gov. Nixon travelled to China where he closed agreements to sell $4.6 billion in Missouri goods – with an emphasis on agricultural products – to Chinese consumers through 2014.

The results of Gov. Nixon’s leadership on this issue are already clear: in 2011, exports of Missouri-made products hit an all-time high of $14.1 billion.

Gov. Nixon has long been a champion of efforts to increase Missouri’s energy independence.  And when Washington blocked a key oil pipeline from Canada, Gov. Nixon embraced a proposal to help make Missouri a leader in securing our nation’s energy future.  Now, a company called Enbridge plans to build an oil pipeline across 11 Missouri counties, creating 1,100 jobs and investing nearly $1 billion in our economy.

Missouri agribusinesses and farms need access to new markets – not new taxes.   That’s why Gov. Jay Nixon has balanced the budget every year while holding the line on taxes.   And the Governor has consistently opposed increased farmland productivity values proposed by the State Tax Commission.


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