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Creating Jobs Through Energy Independence

Gov. Jay Nixon understands that making Missouri a leader in energy production and innovation means more jobs today and a stronger economy in the future.   That’s why, as Governor, Nixon has focused on:

  • Boosting Missouri’s energy security by developing more domestic energy sources.
  • Strengthening Missouri’s position as a hub for high-tech energy jobs and innovation.
  • Ensuring clean, affordable, and abundant energy for Missouri families and businesses.

When Washington, DC blocked construction of a key oil pipeline from Canada, Gov. Nixon stood up and made clear that Missouri is open for business when it comes to increasing our energy independence and creating jobs.   Now, a company called Enbridge plans to build an oil pipeline across 11 Missouri counties, creating 1,100 jobs and investing nearly $1 billion in our economy.

Gov. Nixon has also embraced next-generation nuclear technology for its potential to create jobs and provide reliable, safe, abundant power for Missouri families.  In a development hailed by utilities and consumers, business and labor, Republicans and Democrats, Gov. Nixon announced a historic agreement with nuclear technology firm Westinghouse to move forward on a plan to build the next generation of small modular nuclear reactors right here in Missouri.

“Designing, developing and commercializing next-generation nuclear technology will create good jobs for Missourians, expand our global exports, and ensure that Missouri has affordable, abundant, safe and reliable power for generations to come,” Gov. Nixon said of the effort.

Westinghouse is only the most recent example of how the competitive business climate cultivated by Gov. Nixon has helped Missouri attract companies built on next-generation energy technologies.  For example, Smith Electric Vehicles announced in March 2009 that it would manufacture its all-electric, zero-emission trucks in Kansas City, creating 120 new jobs.  And both Ford and General Motors have chosen to build the next generation of fuel efficient trucks – with better mileage and more power – right here in Missouri.

Finally, Gov. Nixon has fought to increase Missouri’s energy security and create jobs by encouraging the development of more renewable resources from right here in the Show-Me State. From fuels from the farm like ethanol and biodiesel to landfill gas now being used by Kansas City Power & Light to power nearly 1,000 homes, Gov. Nixon believes that the best kind of energy is the energy produced right here at home.

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