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Over the last four years we’ve balanced the budget, held the line on taxes, and brought Republicans and Democrats together to create jobs and move this great state forward. By focusing on the right priorities, we’ve made a real difference for Missouri families, but the job is not yet done. Please sign up today to be a part of the team and get the latest information about the campaign.

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Balancing the Budget

At a time when Washington and many other states were running up record debts or raising taxes on families, here in Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon has done things differently.  He worked across the aisle to balance the budget every year — without raising taxes on families or businesses.  Instead of balancing the budget on the backs of the taxpayer, Gov. Nixon made government smarter and more efficient.

Gov. Nixon’s sound fiscal management helped the state earn a perfect Triple-A credit rating — making Missouri one of the only states in the country to earn the highest rating from all three rating agencies.  The Triple-A bond rating is a key indicator to the business community and saves the taxpayers millions a year in interest.

This strong fiscal leadership has allowed Missouri to make investments that are helping turn the economy around.

What Others Are Saying

“As Missouri governor, Nixon has become the cutter-in-chief.” – Associated Press, 5/24/10

“[Nixon] deserves high praise for his overall budget-balancing job.” – Henry J. Waters, Columbia Daily Tribune, 3/15/10

“Unlike so many other states, the Show Me State is finding ways to keep state spending within anticipated revenue. That’s good news.” — Southeast Missourian Editorial, 6/27/10

Streamlining government and cutting bureaucracy is a housekeeping chore that has been needed for some time now, and we applaud Nixon for tackling the job.” — Joplin Globe, 1/23/10

“Compared to states that have raised taxes and sunk into deficit spending, Missourians have at least a few reasons to smile.” – Jack Miles, Warrensburg Daily Star Journal, 1/26/11

“In our view, the ‘AAA’ GO rating on Missouri is warranted given the state’s very strong budget management framework, including substantial statutory budget flexibility to maintain strong reserves and structural budget balance.”  – Standard & Poor’s, 8/23/11

“Missouri’s ‘AAA’ GO rating reflects conservative financial operations, a debt burden at the lower end of the moderate range, and a broad and diverse economy. The state has a long history of maintaining fiscal balance through spending restraint.” Fitch Ratings, 9/6/11

“Such strong financial performance is particularly remarkable because it occurred during a period that includes some of the most severe fiscal stress experienced by states, and demonstrates Missouri’s determination to maintain a strong credit profile.” Moody’s Investors Service, 6/30/11

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