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Over the last four years we’ve balanced the budget, held the line on taxes, and brought Republicans and Democrats together to create jobs and move this great state forward. By focusing on the right priorities, we’ve made a real difference for Missouri families, but the job is not yet done. Please sign up today to be a part of the team and get the latest information about the campaign.

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These are challenging times, but because of Governor Nixon’s strong leadership, we’re turning the corner and making steady progress – creating new jobs and balancing the budget, while holding the line on taxes.

Creating Jobs and Turning Our Economy Around

Because of Gov. Nixon’s strong leadership during these tough times, Missouri is one of the first states experiencing economic recovery.

Balancing the Budget

Gov. Nixon has been able to balance the state budget without raising taxes, maintaining Missouri’s Triple A bond rating from all the rating agencies.

Making College More Affordable

Nixon froze tuition at all colleges and universities for two years in a row and has secured additional funding for the A+ Schools Program.

Protecting Missouri’s Most Vulnerable

Nixon has made access to autism treatment a priority for Missouri, leading a successful fight to require insurance companies to cover the diagnosis and treatment of autism.

A Strong Commitment to Missouri Public Schools

For Gov. Nixon, public education is a value – and he believes that all Missouri children deserve a quality education that prepares them for college, the workforce or a career in the military.

Making Rural Missouri More Competitive

Gov. Nixon's efforts to ensure rural communities have the tools they need to thrive and create jobs that are paying off.

Helping Missouri Farmers Thrive

Gov. Nixon has stood up for Missouri farmers and ranchers by opposing burdensome regulations, expanding international markets for Missouri-made products, and holding the line on taxes.

Standing Up for Missouri Veterans

Gov. Nixon believes that we are forever indebted to our veterans and active duty military personnel – and as Governor, he’s made it a priority to support their needs both abroad and here at home.

Creating Jobs Through Energy Independence

Gov. Jay Nixon understands that making Missouri a leader in energy production and innovation means more jobs today and a stronger economy in the future.

Honoring Missouri’s Natural Heritage

As an avid outdoorsman and conservationist, Gov. Nixon is committed to strengthening Missouri’s role as a national leader in preserving, protecting and managing wildlife and natural resources.

Fighting for Missouri Seniors

Gov. Nixon has fought to help Missouri seniors live more independent lives by making prescription drugs more affordable and cracking down on financial predators.