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Dave Spence’s Misleading Attacks Don’t Pass The Fact-Check Test

Fact Check

Fact Check

 Dave Spence’s Top 5 False Claims Debunked

Spence Claim: “Missouri is ranked 50th in job creation.”

FACT: Missouri Ranks Third In Job Creation. “Missouri ranked third nationwide in job creation, trailing Texas and Florida. Its percentage increase led the nation, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.” [Kansas City Business Journal, 9/21/12]

FACT: Missouri’s Unemployment Rate Dropped to a Four-Year Low, and Far Below the National Average.  Missouri’s unemployment rate has dropped dramatically, and now stands at 6.9 percent – a four-year low and nearly a full point below the national average.  In fact, Missouri’s unemployment rate has been below the national average for the last 37 months straight.  [Bureau of Labor Statistics, 9/21/12]

FACT: Under Governor Nixon, Missouri Has Had Second Largest Unemployment Rate Drop in the Nation: Since Gov. Nixon took office, Missouri’s unemployment rate has dropped from 8.6 percent to 6.9 percent, the second largest drop in the nation. [Bureau of Labor Statistics, 9/21/12]

Spence Claim: “Our economy is trailing every state in the Midwest.”

FACT: Missouri Led Midwest in Job Creation.  Missouri led the Midwest in job creation in August, adding 17,900 jobs — more than all but two states in the nation.  [Bureau of Labor Statistics, 9/21/12; DED Release, 9/18/12]

FACT: Missouri Is 6th In Entrepreneurial Activity – Higher Than All Neighboring States. In just three years, Missouri jumped from 49th to 6th in the nation for small businesses and startups, according to the Kauffman Foundation. [Kauffman Foundation]

Spence claim: “We are the easiest state in the union to get sued. That’s not very comforting as a business owner.”

FACT: Missouri Named A Top 10 Pro Business State for 2012. For the third year in a row, Missouri is ranked among Pollina Corporate’s Top 10 Pro-Business States, an annual study that highlights “states with political leaders who have a strategic plan that works.” According to the report: “Governor Jay Nixon has shown that he understands—and is capitalizing on—the process required for job creation and the tax revenue that results from strong economic development.” [Pollina Corporate Top 10 Pro Business States 2012]

Spence Claim: Jay Nixon “had nothing to do with balancing the budget.”

FACT: Unlike Washington, Governor Nixon Balances Budgets with No New Taxes.  Gov. Nixon has brought Democrats and Republicans together to balance the budget every year without raising taxes.   [Missouri State Budgets FY 2010, FY 2011, FY 2012, FY 2013]

FACT: Governor Nixon Cut More Than $1 Billion From State Budget. “Nixon has ordered more than $1 billion in spending reductions,” reduced the state workforce by over 4,000, and issued dozens of line item vetoes.  [Kansas City Star, 6/11/12]

  • HEADLINE: Nixon now budget cutter-in-chief.  “As Missouri governor, Nixon has become the cutter-in-chief… Nixon has flatly ruled out any tax increases to help balance Missouri’s budget… Instead, Nixon proposed to “right-size” government by merging agencies, eliminating state holidays, laying off more employees, getting rid of state vehicles, scaling back employee pension and health benefits, privatizing child support collections and curtailing Missouri’s expansive tax credit programs.” [AP, 5/24/10]

FACT: Missouri One of Few States with Perfect Credit Rating from All Three Ratings Agencies.  As a result of Governor Nixon’s fiscal discipline, while many states have been downgraded over the past several years, Missouri has kept its AAA credit rating.  It’s now of just a few states in the nation with a perfect AAA credit rating from all three ratings agencies. [Fitch Ratings; Standard & Poor’s; Moody’s Investors Service]

Spence Claim: “We are making it more difficult for Missouri families to send their kids to a state school.”

FACT: Missouri Is #1 In Nation for Holding Down Tuition. “A nonprofit’s national report on rising tuition and fees in higher education concludes what could be expected after Missouri’s governor in recent years negotiated back-to-back freezes and the state legislature passed a law making increases more difficult.  According to the College Board’s Advocacy & Policy Center, over the past three years Missouri’s four-year public colleges have led the nation in keeping a lid on tuition and fee hikes. The increase was 6.1 percent, the smallest boost in the nation.” [Springfield News Leader, 9/27/12]